The time is right for a change of perspective.

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  1. 1Cover

    The time is right for a change of perspective.

  2. 2Editorial

    The world needs new energy.

  3. 3“The pandemic is accelerating green trends”

    Interview with Matthias Horx about the age of the coronavirus and its impact on the energy transition

  4. 4Factstop: New energy: What’s really true?

    There’s no doubt that renewable energy will help make the world that little bit better than it is today. Once and for all, let’s put the myths to bed and let the facts do the talking.

  5. 5Greendustrial Revolution

    How German startups are helping established industries with fresh ideas to do business sustainably.

  6. 6Electricity for the remotest regions

    Not everyone in the world is connected to a utility grid, which is why people living in remote or hard-to-access areas usually rely on diesel generators. Off-grid systems could represent a clean, reliable and sustainable alternative.

  7. 7Factstop: How the coronavirus crisis could change the world for the better

    There are enough optimistic voices - for a life worth living after Corona - or better - with Corona. We have picked up some of these voices.

  8. 8“Africa still shapes me today”

    A discussion with Jürgen Reinert on the challenges of being CEO of a global solar company – and his childhood in Namibia.

  9. 9Positive pressure from society

    The Green Deal means that companies will in the future be forced to adhere to much stricter conditions, ensuring that ecologically sound practices become the norm and daily routine in a whole range of business sectors. The process is in full swing.